2014 10 01
Palanga Airport has welcomed 100,000th passenger this year. [>>>]
2014 09 12
SAS moves into new Heathrow terminal. [>>>]
2014 07 09
Latvian airline, airBaltic, has introduced Apple iPads into the pilot's cockpit as a modernization investment, which will provide operational efficiency and will lead to savings on paper and fuel consumption. [>>>]
2014 07 02
Network of Lithuanian airports launched today [>>>]
2014 06 26
Palanga Airport records growth in passenger traffic and flights [>>>]
2014 06 06
Scandinavian airlines SAS is updating the interior of its long haul fleet with new seats, new entertainment system and WiFi access. [>>>] More
2014 06 03

We are pleased to inform that, effective as of 1st of July 2014, the following will occur:

- SE Kaunas Airport and SE Palanga International Airport will be merged into SE Vilnius International Airport, with SE Vilnius International Airport as the surviving entity taking over rights, obligations and contracts of SE Kaunas Airport and SE Palanga International Airport. [>>>]

2014 05 16
Latvian airline, airBaltic, has achieved the best arrival punctuality indicator in April among European carriers, according to FlightStats analysts, who track the performance of nearly 150,000 flights operated and serviced by thousands of airlines and airports globally each day. [>>>] More
2014 04 11
Latvian airline, airBaltic, will allow passengers to use their tablets, book readers, players, games and other personal electronic devices from gate to gate starting 18 April. [>>>] More
2014 04 04
Scandinavian Airlines SAS was the first airline to fly over the North Pole to the US West Coast in 1954. It is also now celebrating 50 years of service between Copenhagen and Chicago. In 2014, SAS is continuing to increase its traffic, adding weekly departures and a new route to the USA. In doing so, SAS is cementing its position as Scandinavia's biggest and most capable airline for travel to the United States. [>>>] More
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