Water for 1 €

Lithuanian airports and the companies operating in them join the initiative of Airports Council International Europe (ACI Europe) and provide an opportunity to buy a bottle of water (0.5 l) for a trip for 1 euro or even less beyond the passenger security checkpoint.

The initiative was born taking into consideration the passengers’ complaints that due to strict security screening regulations they cannot carry water to the airport, while the water sold at the airport is too expensive.

Palanga Airport offers a bottle of water for EUR 1 or less in the shop Global Travel Supply Palanga and café Riktė.

ACI Europe encourages all European airports to join the initiative to ensure that each airport offers an opportunity to buy a bottle of water of at least one brand for 1 euro. This price is expected to remain unchanged until the changes in aviation security screening – it is planned that such screening procedures and technologies will be introduced in the future which enable passengers to carry water in plastic bottles to the sterile area of the airport.

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