2016 03 08

Meet the summer season with Lithuanian airports!

Though the spring is only making its first steps in Lithuania, Lithuanian airports are in the midst of intensive preparations for the aviation summer season which will start at the end of March. In partnership with the airlines, we will expand the choice of flights in all three airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga.

However, there is still much to be done before the new season! Wish to see our job at close quarters? Let’s meet on the Client’s Days organised by Lithuanian airports – unforgettable memories and surprises guaranteed!

Entertainment at Lithuanian airports
Touch the National Anthem of Lithuania!

Passengers travelling through Vilnius Airport on 11 March and during the holiday weekend can expect a surprise – installation The National Anthem under the project Hymnos.lt by art synthesis movement Sintezija. You will not only have a chance to hear and see but also to touch the National Anthem of Lithuania performed by Kaunas State Choir and the Lithuanian National Symphonic Orchestra!

Client’s Day

It is already the second year in a row that Lithuanian airports celebrate the International Client’s Day. On 18 March it will take place at Vilnius Airport, it will be held at Palanga Airport on 23 March and, finally, at Kaunas Airport on 25 March. Be ready for surprises! For information on the Client’s Day organised last December and its entertainment, see here.

Vilnius to become the centre of attraction for aviation experts

On 13-15 March aviation experts will gather in Vilnius - representatives from over 400 airlines and airports will take part in the international conference CONNECT at the National Art Gallery and solve the issues of new routes and the improvement of accessibility. The event will feature various seminars, special guests will deliver reports and the representatives from the aviation sector will discuss the current air transport system and its prospects. The host of the conference is SE Lithuanian Airports!

News from our partners
Linen souvenirs from Lithuania

From now on you can choose your souvenirs from an even broader range of exclusive Lithuanian items at Vilnius Airport. A new shop Linen Tales offers home textiles from the finest linen.

Juta JazzCafe renewed

Stop by at Juta Jazz Cafe near Boarding Gate A11 for a cup of coffee and soft drinks, sandwiches and desserts and simply have a good time relaxing before the flight. It is highly recommended to try out the café's special offer Kiss Lithuania Goodbye, which includes a cup of apple pie latte, a rye bread sandwich and a piece of no-bake traditional Tinginys cake.


Business Lounge IDW Esperanza Resort presents: SPA Esperanza

A 5 star plus residence in Paunguriai near Trakai opened the door to a new spa centre which comes to the market with a new name - SPA Esperanza. It is a new object of attraction which will be of interest to foreign tourists searching for extraordinary experiences. It is supplied with the best facilities which are only available in top-rated spas across the world, e.g. Cloud 9 lounger. There are only six of such loungers in the world.

Find out more information here.

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