2017 06 23
Preparation for the Runway Reconstruction is Gaining Momentum

The summer is getting hotter every day but we still want to tell you about the events of May at Lithuanian Airports.

Most attention, of course, was devoted to the preparation for the most important project: the reconstruction of the runway at Vilnius Airport. While preparatory work, which for now may be watched only from afar, is slowly gaining momentum in Vilnius, Kaunas Airport has become a real building site. A temporary infrastructure is emerging here: additional departure and arrival terminals, expanded parking lots, reconstruction of the apron. Preparation for the increased number of flights and passengers is in full swing!

Of course, other work does not stop: aeroplanes fly to new destinations, passenger number records are broken again, new entertainment activities become available at the airports, and new projects are planned that will make your trips even more comfortable and pleasant.

If you have any remarks or comments about our work or if you have questions, contact us via the Facebook pages of Lithuanian Airports: Vilnius Airport, Kaunas Airport and Palanga Airport. 

New routes

Rusline: flights to Saint Petersburg
After a season break, direct flights to Saint Petersburg, which is considered to be the cultural capital of Russia, return to Lithuania. We hope that flights from Vilnius and Palanga will not only improve the functioning of transport between the countries, but that they will also increase tourist flows.


In June, popular seasonal flights return to Lithuanian Airports!

Palanga airport:
11 June – Rusline flights to Moscow
14 June – Ukraine International Airlines flights to Kiev
18 June – Belavia flights to Minsk
Vilnius airport:
15 June – Ukraine International Airlines flights to Odessa

Runway Reconstruction in Vilnius
Kaunas: Temporary Terminals are Being Built

From temporary departure and arrival terminals that are being built to additional aircraft parking - preparations for the significantly increased passenger flow are in full swing at Kaunas Airport.

Vilnius: Flights will not be Accepted for Several Hours per Night

From 30 May to 13 July, Vilnius Airport will not accept aircraft for three hours per night: aircraft will be unable to take off and land from 2:05 a.m. to 5:05 a.m. Until now, Vilnius Airport operated round the clock.

Aviation Expert:
The Runway in Vilnius Airport should be Reconstructed Now
Although the condition of the runway in Vilnius Airport does not currently endanger planes that land or take off, to ensure complete safety, the runway must be reconstructed, according to the director of the Civil Aviation Administration Joris Gintilas.

What is Happening at the Airports?
Vilnius: A New Bookshop

Waiting for flights at Vilnius Airport has become even more comfortable because a Narvesen bookshop was opened at the departure lounge. Many books and Lithuanian and foreign magazines and newspapers are available at the shop and travellers may take the opportunity to read favourite publications and have a cup of coffee here.

Vilnius: More than a Thousand of New Vehicle Parking Spaces

The number of parking spaces for the passengers’ vehicles is increased. The construction of the new parking lot has begun: instead of the administrative building at Antano Gustaičio Street, a parking lot with 206 additional parking spaces for buses and passenger cars will be built in autumn.

Now Lithuania is on the Radar of People Travelling the World

From now on, flights will be even smarter and more convenient than before as Lithuanian Airports joined the global travel app FLIO, which includes over 900 airports all over the world.

Lithuanian Airports Granted 70% More Dividends to the State

According to audited data, in 2016 the income received by Lithuanian Airports was growing several times faster than passenger flows. In addition, last year the company paid the state more than EUR 1.7 million as dividends, i.e. 70% more that in 2015.

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