2015 12 15

How old are Lithuanian airports – 1 or 100?

November was full of good news at the Lithuanian airports – after seeing off the first passengers from Kaunas to the Red Sea resort Eilat, we announced about three new routes to be launched next year. Spring will open new horizons for Western Lithuanian residents – direct flights will connect the Lithuanian seaside and Warsaw; a long-awaited flight to London Luton Airport will be opened as well. Next summer we will also have a chance to see the aircrafts that we have never seen before over Vilnius – the German airline Germania will operate flights to Zürich, whereas the Spanish airline Vueling will fly to Barcelona.


We are not going to relax in December as well. You are welcome to pay a visit to the airports even if you are not planning to travel. We will listen to jazz, explore history and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Lithuanian airports. Interested? Come and we will tell you more – after all, it is even more joyful to wait for Christmas together!

New: Vilnius - Zürich

Starting from 2 June 2016 the German airline Germania will start flights from Vilnius to Zürich. The plane from the largest city in Switzerland will land at the airport of the Lithuanian capital twice a week at 19.25 and take off at 20.10. The flight will last about two and a half hours.

New: Kaunas - Eilat

Starting from the beginning of November Ryanair launched flights from Kaunas to Ovda Airport in Eilat. During the winter season flights to Israel will be operated twice a week.

New: Palanga - London.

Wizz Air expands its route map in Lithuania . From 23 March 2016 it will launch flights from Palanga to London Luton Airport . Flights will be available twice a week.

New: Palanga - Warsaw.

From 28 March 2016 the travellers from Palanga will be able to reach Warsaw in a fast and convenient way and other European destinations through it – such an opportunity will be provided by the Polish airline LOT. Flights will be operated six times a week. It is expected that the planes will take off from the seaside town at 6.15 and will come back from Warsaw in the evening at 22.35.

If you are in the holiday mood already

Though the enterprise Lithuanian Airports celebrated its first birthday in summer, aviation historians argue that we can also celebrate a far more respectable – one hundredth – anniversary this year. Jazz music was already played at Vilnius and Palanga Airports . Let’s now meet in Kaunas ! More information.

If you are looking for new tastes

An exclusive beer bar Švyturys which will combine the long-established beer of the brand of the same name and the dishes popular in the world was opened at Vilnius Airport . Pay a visit! More information.

If you are in need of medications or cosmetics

How often the airport is the place where you realise that you have left your headache medications or an adhesive bandage for your feet tired of long holiday walks at home? The pharmacy opened at Vilnius Airport is determined to save you from additional troubles of your trip!

If you wish to know more about Lithuanian airports

What is the real impact of air transport on Lithuania 's economy: EUR 86, 205 or 869 million? With the help of economists we tried to estimate the real – both direct and indirect – impact of the Lithuanian airports on the country’s economy. More information.

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