Car parking at Palanga Airport
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Why leaving your car at Palanga Airport parking is a smarter choice?

  • Better prices for advance orders via online booking.
  • You can reserve your parking space just for one day.
  • Fast and convenient payment.
  • Palanga Airport car parking is closest to the terminal. 
  • Easy and simple changing of the license plate. 

How to book a parking space?

Parking at Palanga Airport can be booked in advance via an online reservation tool here

For your convenience, in all parking lots (P1, P2, P3) located near the arrivals terminal the first 15 min of parking are free of charge (once per 24 hrs).

If you believe more than 15 minutes will be necessary to disembark a passenger with individual needs by the departures terminal, please fill-in this form no later than 48 hours before the scheduled flight. 

Parking lot plan

At Palanga Airport you can choose form 3 parking lots controlled by a license plate recognition system.

  • P1 and P2 - the short-term parking lots, located closer to the terminal, are intended for meeting or seeing off travellers. Convenient infrastructure will ensure easy access to the departures or arrivals terminals. 
  • P3 - the long-term parking lot is intended for persons who leave the country for a longer period. The parking lot about 30 meters from the airport. 

Parking fees

Last updated: 2022 01 06 08:12