Palanga Airport's reconstruction

On September 6th, Palanga Airport closed for reconstruction works which lasted for 45 days.

Works consisted of runway, taxiway and apron reconstruction, modernization of utilities network, lighting systems, installation of energy-efficient and sustainable solutions.

Airport infrastructure is cyclical and must be modernized every 10-15 years to meet aviation safety and environmental requirements. Palanga Airport was last modernized back in 2007. 

Our mission is to ensure safe airport infrastructure which, together with aviation’s recovery, would create added value for the whole region of Western Lithuania.


  • Project's start: September 6th, 2021.
  • Project's end: October 20th, 2021.
  • Main works: runway, taxiway, apron reconstruction.
  • General constractor: Latvian construction company A.C.B. which has similar experience in reconstructing Vilnius Airport’s runway in 2017.
  • During main construction works, the airport will be closed and no flights will be operated.
  • Palanga Airport's runway was last modernized back in 2007. 
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