Palanga Airport is situated in an excellent geographical location with great economic potential

  • The countries on the Baltic East Coast are experiencing rapid expansion: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Kaliningrad region of the Russian federation;
  • The airport is close to the Baltic Sea and the ice-free port of Klaipeda, which has a large capacity and a modern infrastructure;
  • The entire oil industry is concentrated in the western part of Lithuania;
  • There are convenient and fast links with neighbouring countries Latvia (Liepaja region) and Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast);
  • The population is over 1,5 million within the range of 150 kilometres;
  • The west of Lithuania has abundant wildlife and nature and with an ever-growing tourism infrastructure it is an ideal place for tourism and recreation;
  • The west of Lithuanian region is the second largest in Lithuania in terms of attracting foreign investment.
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