Lithuania again lists all the countries of the world as affected as a result of fast-spreading the Delta variant of the COVID-19 (coronavirus infection).| From Monday, 5 July, a COVID-19 testing will be required from arrivals from the green area countries, and two tests will be required from arrivals from the orange (yellow) area countries: one prior to arrival, the other - when in Lithuania. Brazil, India and the Republic of South Africa, whence arrivals fall subject to the enhanced communicable disease control measures, are now attributed to the grey area as all the third countries.

According to the updated procedure, a prior COVID-19 testing will be required from any arrival from any country of the world, with certain exemptions. A PCR test for COVID-19 must be taken within 72 hours before the entry to Lithuania, an antigen test must be taken within 48 hours before the entry. As before, a negative test result will have to be shown to the carrier before boarding a plane, bus, ferry, etc. Arrivals from the green area will not be required to self-isolate.

Nor is self-isolation required from the arrivals from the orange (yellow) area, but they will be required instead to take a second test on the 3-5th day of arrival in Lithuania. A test can be taken at a mobile point by registering on the website of the Hotline at or short number 1808.

Testing will not be required from those who have recovered of COVID-19 disease, have been fully vaccinated, also members of official delegations and children under 7 years of age.

Requirements for arrivals from the red area remain the same: a mandatory test taken prior to the entry to Lithuania and 10-day self-isolation.

There is a possibility of shortening the self-isolation by taking a PCR test on the 7th day of self-isolation at the earliest, with a negative response thereof. Until now, such test had to be taken at the expense of the resident himself, but from Monday, it will be possible to do so free of charge at a mobile point. You will have to register on the website of the Hotline at www.1808.ltor at short number 1808.

The updated self-isolation rules provide for tighter requirements on certain categories of employees who are subject to self-isolation and who are allowed to leave the place of self-isolation to go to the place needed to handle work or business matters. From Monday, they will be able to do so only after they take a PCR test on arrival in Lithuania and get a negative result.

LIST OF COUNTRIES AFFECTED BY COVID-19 DISEASE (with effect from 5 to 11 July)


Information prepared by Lithuania's Ministry of Health

Last updated: 2021 07 07 09:41

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