The last Sunday in March will mark the start of the new summer aviation season. This year, airlines will offer more than 80 direct regular routes to passengers at Lithuanian airports. The planned routes include destinations that are attractive to business travelers as well as European cities that are popular with holidaymakers for leisure and sightseeing trips.

"During the first months of the year, we have seen exceptional rates of recovery in aviation. With the calendar summer season approaching and travelers planning their holidays even more intensively, growth is likely to accelerate. Airlines will offer travelers more than eighty direct flight routes, and it should be remembered that charter flights will also be operated in parallel, which will further respond to passenger demand for holiday flights," said Tomas Zitikis, Head of Route Development at Lithuanian Airports.

Lithuanian Airports provides a more detailed overview of which flight routes will be renewed or completely new from the summer season.

Nearly 50 destinations from Vilnius Airport

Most of the new and renewed routes will be offered to passengers travelling from Vilnius Airport. In total, passengers travelling via Vilnius Airport will be able to reach almost 50 destinations. Some of these routes are covered in this report.

On 26 March, the official start of the summer aviation season, Brussels Airlines will resume direct flights from Vilnius to Brussels, which are important for business and politics, Austrian Airlines will resume direct flights to Vienna, and airBaltic will resume flights to Berlin from the beginning of May.

New and renewed routes will be offered by Ryanair in addition to the existing ones, with flights to Athens and Frankfurt from 26 March, Corfu from 1 June and Varna from 3 June.

Wizz Air will resume flights to Oslo from 27 March. The airline will operate flights to Rome from 28 March. Wizz Air will also operate flights to Malaga (from 10 July) as the summer season gets underway.

In addition to the existing routes, airBaltic will offer new routes: from 2 May, the airline will launch flights to Malaga and Palma de Mallorca, and from 4 May to Heraklion.

In the summer season, traditional airlines will continue to connect Vilnius with business-critical airports - aviation hubs. From Vilnius Airport, you will be able to reach Frankfurt with Lufthansa, Copenhagen and Stockholm (SAS), Istanbul (Turkish Airlines), Warsaw (LOT) and Zurich (SWISS). Finnish airline Finnair will continue to offer a route between the capital of Lithuania and Helsinki, while the City of London will continue to be accessible via a direct LOT flight.

New destinations at Kaunas Airport

Kaunas Airport will offer almost 30 destinations during the summer season, including the existing ones, but popular routes will return and new destinations will be offered.

From the end of March, Ryanair will launch new flights from Kaunas Airport to Bratislava (Slovakia), Bari (Italy) and Burgas (Bulgaria).

Ryanair will continue to operate flights to Aalborg, Alicante, Liverpool, London, Stockholm, Shannon, Madrid, Copenhagen, Dublin and Malaga during the summer season. Ryanair will also provide convenient connections to Bristol, Paphos, Brussels, Cologne, Gothenburg and Edinburgh. Wizz Air will also continue its routes during the summer season. It will operate flights to Olesund, Stavanger and Bergen (Norway) and London (UK).

The airport will also resume flights to Naples, Palma de Mallorca, Rhodes, Rimini and Warsaw.

Popular destinations for travelers at Palanga airport

Travelers will continue to be offered their favorite destinations at Palanga Airport.

Ryanair will fly to Dublin and London through this gateway. Norwegian Airlines will operate the route to Oslo, while SAS will fly to Copenhagen.

The air company "airBaltic" will operate flights to Riga from Palanga airport.

Last updated: 2023 03 28 08:58

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