In mid-May, a public procurement for design services was completed and a contract was signed with the design companies Maspro and the Latvian company Nams, whose representatives will have to design and prepare the necessary documents for the construction of two business complexes at Vilnius and Kaunas Airports. The value of design works is 224,000 euros (excluding VAT). After the design phase, construction work is expected to begin in mid-2023.

The two multifunctional buildings designed will be dedicated for commercial lease and will accommodate businesses engaged in various aviation-related activities. According to Arnas Dūmanas, Head of the Lithuanian Airports Operations and Infrastructure Department, by investing in the development of multifunctional buildings, airports also implement the goals set in the long-term strategy of the organization, i.e. to develop infrastructure to increase the share of non-aviation revenues at airports.

 “We can already see the current demand for premises in airport areas, so such a step is planned and really necessary, we aim to create a higher value-added product in our areas. We will equip buildings that will be conveniently transformed and adapted to different companies and their needs. With these investments, we will create a convenient, modern infrastructure for our partners who are already operating in the airport area and would like to expand the scope of their activities, at the same time these complexes will provide an opportunity to attract new partners to Lithuanian Airports,” said Dūmanas.

According to him, the highest energy efficiency standards will be set for the designed buildings. Measures will be sought to apply green energy technologies in buildings, and Lithuanian Airports have plans to further develop solar power solutions and integrate them into new buildings.

Multifunctional buildings will be built in restricted areas of airports, so they will be most convenient for those activities that take place inside the airport (beyond aviation security checks). The usable area of the buildings designed in both Kaunas and Vilnius must be at least 3000 sq. m.

It is planned that an area for storage and garages will be created on the first floors of the buildings, and the premises on the second and third floors will be adapted for administrative activities. The aim is to design the new buildings so that they can accommodate several different lessees (from 2 to 6). The task of designers is to ensure the autonomy, security and flexibility of the partners' activities by increasing or decreasing the leased space.

Last updated: 2022 07 07 13:14