The offering of flights continues to grow in Lithuanian airports. In June, Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports offered 71 routes, and in July, this number will continue to grow with at least 8 additional direct routes. 

According to representatives of Lithuanian airports, simplified conditions of travel encourage people to plan their holiday in various European countries. As fast vaccination takes place in Europe, the European Union (EU) Digital COVID-19 certificate took place, clear rules of travel allow reasonably believe that passenger aviation in July will continue to recover significantly.

New flights from Vilnius Airport

In June, the majority of itineraries were offered from Vilnius Airport: as many as 47 flights. During the first month of summer, a direct flight from the capital may take you to popular holiday destinations: Greece and its islands Corfu, Santorini, Zakynthos, Chania city, as well as the capital Athens, the second biggest Georgian city Kutaisi, Italian centres of attraction: Milan, Rome, Venice, as well as Malta, Cyprus, Austria, Turkey, Nice resort in France and the famous Dubrovnik in Croatia.

In June, a comfortable connection with the United Kingdom was ensured, by offering direct flights to Doncaster, London, Liverpool. From the capital’s airport, you may reach Dublin in Ireland, as well as the important cities of Scandinavian countries: the Sweden’s capital Stockholm, Helsinki in Finland, the Norway’s capital Oslo.

Since June, flights from Vilnius Airport are renewed to the Denmark’s cities Copenhagen and Billund, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and Eindhoven in Netherlands. The capital’s airport offers itineraries to Kyiv, Riga, Warsaw.

A particularly convenient connection with Germany was ensured. In June, it was able to reach five of its cities from Vilnius: Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Munchen.

19 new flights from Kaunas

In June, a direct flight from Kaunas airport may take you to the most relevant directions of business and the ones important to Lithuanians living abroad. Itineraries are offered to Dublin and Shannon cities in Ireland, the Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, Bristol and London in the United Kingdom, Edinburgh in Scotland, Koln in Germany.

A direct flight from Kaunas may take you to such Norwegian cities as Aalesund, Bergen and Stavanger.

There are also plenty of news in terms of holiday destinations. In June, a direct connection was ensured with the Rhode Island in Greece, Paphos resort in Cyprus, the popular Spanish island Mallorca and Alicante city on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, as well as three Italian cities: Naples, Rimini, Milan.

Flights from Palanga Airport

In June, Palanga Airport has offered important business itineraries and the ones relevant to Lithuanians living abroad. A direct flight from Palanga may take you to Dublin, Copenhagen, Oslo and London, neighbouring Latvia’s capital Riga.

New routes in July

According to the current plant of airline companies, in July, the number of offered itineraries should also significantly increase. Since the beginning of the month, the capital’s airport offers flights to Tel Aviv (“Wizz Air”), Stockholm (“Norvegian Air Shuttle”) and Brussels (“Brussels Airlines”).

From the middle of July and its second half, new flights are envisaged to Leeds (“Ryanair”), Billund in Denmark (“Ryanair”), Belfast (“Wizz Air”). 

Since the 16th of July, an itinerary from Kaunas to Liverpool should be offered (“Ryanair”), and since the 31st of July, from Palanga Airport to London Luton Airport (“Wizz Air”).

What do you need to know before the flight?

Lithuanian airports remind you that by applying the procedures of inspection of additional documents and health certificates before the flight, the procedures in airports may take longer than before the pandemics.

The passengers are asked to assess the time necessary to the test and its result and respectively add the envisaged duration of the test to the ordinary recommendations concerning the time of arrival.

It is recommended to arrive to the airport more than 2 hours before the flight. All passengers are also recommended to find out about the latest requirements of countries for the people arriving therein. It is recommended to check the information sources of official institutions of another country, is necessary, speak with the representatives of the airline company, where the ticker was purchased from. 

About Lithuanian Airports

The network of Lithuanian Airports includes three air gateways in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. In 2020, 1.8 million passengers and 30 thousand flights were served at Lithuanian Airports.

Last updated: 2021 07 15 08:14

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