Lithuanian Airports have completed a public procurement tender, during which a private sector company was selected to provide additional personnel for aviation security services at Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports. “Ekskomisarų biuras”, one of the largest security companies in Lithuania, won the tender, in which a total of five companies participated, and an agreement on the provision on services was signed at the very end of 2021. 

The company “Ekskomisarų biuras” has undertaken to provide the services of certified specialists (hours of work) for EUR 1.9 million over a period of three years, according to the specific needs of the representatives of Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports, at the hourly rate indicated in the agreement. The amount indicated in the signed agreement is the maximum for the entire duration of the agreement, which means that the final amount may be lower if the specific need for specialist working hours is lower.

“The essential aim of this new partnership on the part of Lithuanian Airports is to respond more effectively to the rapidly recovering passenger flows, to be able to respond more efficiently to the challenges of passenger traffic during peak periods, to improve the overall quality of services and to continue to ensure the professional application of aviation security requirements,” said Vidas Kšanas, Head of Safety and Security at Lithuanian Airports.

According to the representatives of Lithuanian Airports, in some periods as early as in the first quarter of 2022, the existing aviation security shifts may be supplemented by 10-16 private sector employees. 

According to the Head of the Safety and Security Department of Lithuanian Airports, the need to use private business in the field of aviation security is due to greater flexibility in shift scheduling, the ability to quickly adapt to passenger peak periods, as well as the examples of other airports in Europe, where such a practice has already been common for decades. Various successful aviation security models, developed together with the private sector, are already in place at airports in Tallinn, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Ljubljana and many Scandinavian countries. 

"We are pleased that state-owned enterprises are moving towards efficiency and partially outsourcing security services to a private security company, thus ensuring more efficient security for employees and customers. We value this cooperation and together we will ensure quality and reliable services,” emphasises Vytautas Labeckas, CEO of “Ekskomisarų biuras”.

It is noted that Lithuanian Airports will continue to maintain the main responsibility of ensuring aviation safety, security and its compliance. Staff currently employed at Lithuanian Airports will also retain their job positions.

Last updated: 2022 01 10 09:33

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