Lithuanian Airports have announced that the medical testing company „“ has won the public tender to provide Coronavirus testing services at the country’s airports. Coronavirus testing is scheduled to begin near Vilnius Airport by the end of February, and by April – at Kaunas and Palanga airports.


Testing services, which will cost a certain price, will be provided in temporary buildings which will be housed near the airport terminals in clearly visible and convenient locations. The temporary buildings will house the necessary equipment and will adhere to all required procedures and safety regulations. Services will be provided in accordance with the flight schedules, while testing certificates will be issued not only in Lithuanian, but also in other languages.


Staff from “” will provide testing services with the priority given to passengers holding a valid flight ticket or boarding pass.


Not only passengers, but also air carriers have voiced the necessity to open Coronavirus testing sites at airports. Currently, a Covid-19 test is mandatory for passengers travelling to most European Union (EU) or non-EU countries, the result being issued no more than 72 or 48 hours before arrival to the destination country. In most cases, countries accept PCR, as well as rapid antigen tests. Lithuania also holds the requirement for arriving passengers to have a negative test result, or conduct the test upon arrival.


Having won the public tender, the company will be required to provide no less than three types of Coronavirus tests – PCR, rapid PCR, and rapid antigen. With more testing methods becoming available in the market, additional tests may also become available at the airport testing sites.


About Lithuanian Airports


The network of Lithuanian Airports comprises of three air gateways in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. In 2020, the airports collectively served 1.8 million passengers and 30 thousand flights.

Last updated: 2021 02 18 10:08

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