A video monitoring system to be installed in the accesses routes to Palanga Airport this summer will help record road traffic. The new measure is expected to help solve the longstanding problem when drivers park cars in the prohibited place, on Liepoja Road, thus compromising their own and other travellers’ safety.


The problem of uncultured drivers is known for both, police officers performing checks, and representatives of Palanga Airport. The head of the country’s third biggest air gates Andrius Daujotas claims that despite of the sign prohibiting to park, cars are left on the traffic lanes on both sides of Liepoja Road that is often used also by the passing heavy-weight transport. Thus, in order to ensure passenger safety and avoid accidents, the decision to enhance safety has been made.



“Police officers in this section of the road perform control checks; however, having regard to the scale of offences, it was decided to take additional measures. Thus, in the near future Palanga airport will install a system to monitor the access routes and will transfer the received video material to Palanga police commissariat under Klaipėda County Police Headquarters. Here, decisions will be taken on the behaviour of drivers who fail to follow the traffic rules”, informed Mr. Daujotas.


On its own turn, the Head of Palanga Police Commissariat Algirdas Budginas drew attention that traffic signs prohibiting the parking of cars are installed in well visible places on both of sides of Liepoja Road. However, during the performance of checks, dozens of offences are registered. During one of such checks, police officers recorded even 16 offenders.


“The biggest problem is that aircrafts land and take off from the airport at the time when the number of cars parked in the prohibited place increases. We really do not want to penalize every driver, however we are talking about safety and driving culture, therefore it is important that the driver would know what behaviour is prohibited in this territory”, emphasized Mr. Budginas.


According to the head of Palanga Police Commissariat, cameras will enable to perform uninterrupted monitoring and identify violations also when police officers will not be at the place of check. Upon determining that a car is parked in a prohibited place, pursuant to legal acts, a fine from EUR 30 to 90 may be imposed on the drivers. Mr. A. Budginas stressed that upon installing a video camera, police officers will continue to carry out checks.


Conditions for making a stop – in special sites


Currently those who arrive to Palanga Airport to meet or to see off their family members, as well as riders may park cars in long-term parking (P3) or short-term parking (P1 and P2) lots. The first 10 minutes in short-term parking lots are free of charge.


Seeking to ensure that movement in Palanga Airport would proceed smoothly and would be clear for the drivers, the territory is regulated with the help of information signs, indications and parking system facilities, such as license place scanning cameras and lifted barriers. Upon installing the video monitoring system, drivers will also see the information sign notifying of it.


It has been planned that the installation of the video monitoring camera will cost EUR 4,000 in total. The video monitoring camera will become operational at the end of June.

Last updated: 2020 01 07 16:32

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